When choosing a cake for Mother’s Day, remember to pick something that not only is delicious but says that extra little something. Say what you can’t say with words by giving someone the satisfaction of their favorite flavor. Every detail of a mother’s special day should be seamless, stressless, and fun. Then, there is the finishing touch… dessert. Don’t let the pièce de résistance fall short by giving your mother anything other than the perfect cake.

Velvet – Everything about Mother’s Day should be soft and decadent. A delicious velvet option is a perfect cake for a mother who is known to indulge in the richer, smoother, side of life. The best part is a velvet cake doesn’t have to be the iconic red velvet we all are accustomed to. Velvet cakes can come in a multitude of colors and flavors. So, do your mother the service of a dessert that looks as good as it tastes!

slice of red velvet cake
Slice Chocolate Cake

Andes Chocolate cake – If your mother loves Andes candies, and mint chocolate chips, as much as mine then you already know how much of a hit this cake will be. To some people, mint chocolate chips are a way of life. You know who you are. Give your mint-addict mother what she wants — a confection that will surpass the highest peaks of her expectations.

Cake in bed – We have all heard of breakfast in bed, but on mom’s special day, start things off by celebrating her immediately. There are various choices of breakfast cakes to pick from so think a little outside the box. Things like a chocolate babka, a crepe cake, or a coffee cake, adorned with her favorite fruit, to dazzle her as soon as she wakes up. Most mothers expect a fancy dinner and, sinfully, chocolate cake for dessert, but the surprise of a breakfast cake will set a wonderful tone to her day.

Breakfast in bed
Champagne Cake & Drinks

Champagne Cake – A celebratory cake, for a specific palate. A mother who is far from traditional for the typical chocolate or vanilla may find this refreshing cake to be just the thing to hit the spot.

 No matter the cake you choose, it is the thought that matters the most. What your mother really wants to see is that you cared enough to make an attempt at getting something you think she will enjoy. Remember to give your mother the presentation and quality she deserves. If making your mother’s cake at home is not an option, or you want to show her a quality work of culinary art, Egypt Star Bakery is here for all of your baked good needs!