With the new year here, we have so many reasons to feel grateful. Even with all the challenges of last year.

At the very top of the list is you! Whether you have been a client or a friend of our business, we thank you!

We would like to showcase some very special clients that have taken the time to share with us their experiences with our company. We are so thankful to have worked with such amazing individuals and it means so much that you took the time to share your thoughts!

“Great bakery with awesome baked goods and fabulous employees. I make it every Sunday for the special white icing cinnamon buns. Yummy…”
Edward Snyder Jr.

I live in Seattle now, and had my parents bring me Egypt Star donuts when they last visited. I’ve lived all over the country and haven’t found better donuts than Egypt Star. They can’t be beat.

That’s not to mention their amazing poppyseed rolls, melt-in-your-mouth nut rolls, and their fantastic birthday cakes.

And their cupcakes.

And their cookies.

I would live in the Egypt Star bakery if they would let me.”

Maureen Chomko
“ I needed a birthday cake for the 4 of July. I couldn’t make up my mind so I bought two different flavors! Both were delicious and everyone loved them. Egypt Star Bakery is a favorite snack stop while bike riding with friends!”
Rose Trabosh

Love Egypt Star Bakery! As a child I would visit the Coplay store…..memories of the smell of the fresh-baked bread (rye bread, of course), doughnuts (cream-filled, the best hands down).

To this day, visit the Emmaus store, still the best bread, doughnuts, and defiantly the addition of some of the former Emmaus Bakery goodies. I definitely, miss the smell of the goodies being baked there. Has not been a deterrent for me!”

Keith R.

Thank you ALL for making 2020 a special year for our company and we look forward to continued relationships and meeting wonderful new clients in 2021!

The Team at Egypt Star Bakery