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The Freshest Bread, Pastries and Cakes in Town!

Egypt Star Bakery has over 80 years in business, providing delicious baked goods and fresh breads to the Lehigh Valley. Family owned and operated, we continue to produce our full line of baked goods.

We use time-honored recipes that have kept customers coming back time-and-again, while also adding new products and ingredients to constantly build our menu.

Our bakeries have everything you need for every occasion from traditional Kiffles to Lekvar buns and specialty cakes for celebrations. Let our family serve your family. Visit one of our four locations today.

Egypt Star Bakery

Meet the Owners

Esther Erdessy & Les Sipos Jr.

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Here at Egypt Star Bakery, we pride ourselves on baking the freshest bread and popular bakery items made daily.

Egypt Star Bakery Bread

Hearth Baked Bread

The freshest, most delicious hearth-baked bread around.

Egypt Star Bakery Muffin

Cupcakes & Muffins

Muffins for breakfast, cupcakes for dessert, or vice versa.

Egypt Star Bakery Cake

Cakes & Pies

Gift, party, or special occasion, bring the perfect dessert.

Egypt Star Bakery Pastry

Cookies & Pastries

We have fresh baked goods to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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Hear From Our Customers

This is where my family goes for bread when we want good neo-French bread like those we had in Vietnam. Made fresh everyday – reasonable prices – and it smells heavenly the minute you walk in the door! Wegman’s might have good bread but Egypt Star is still my hands down favorite! Not sure what they’re called in English but the French name for them is “flute” – looks like a big fat baguette :). The smell of this place always takes me back to Vietnam growing up smelling the fresh baked bread every morning, as well as takes me back to my 4am drunken walks home in Lyon where the bakers rise before the sun and the bread almost burn your fingers it’s so fresh, hot from the oven.
Thuy H.
Always fresh and yummy for a great price. Ordered my daughters birthday cupcakes for her school party from here. Wanted Frozen type colors. Light blue, white and silver. They did a great job. When her teacher found out she was bringing cupcakes from Egypt Star she was excited haha. Because she knows how good they are!
Theresa A.
We have been eating these delicoius donuts for over 50 years! The best are the cream filled yeast donuts. The cream has the perfect texture and sweetness! The nut rolls and poppy seed rolls are fabulous. Don’t forget to try the Easter bread. YUM!
Their french bread is absolutely amazing. I go every week to pick up a loaf for myself & my parents. I’ve been eating their bread ever since I was young, & the taste of it is still the same now that I’m 20 years older. I’d recommend this bakery to anyone.