Spring has sprung and that means it’s time for new seasonal ingredients and fresh treats! At Egypt Star Bakery we have what it takes to make your spring that much sweeter with these baked goods and more.

Flower Cupcakes

Cupcakes are great anytime, anywhere. Its designated handheld design makes this treat universal, but with the right spring flower decorations it will easily turn into a beautifully centerpiece of your next spring gathering. Cupcakes are also incredibly versatile— choose from traditional vanilla to lemon sponge cake or use something completely unique. Whether it’s red velvet cake, strawberry rhubarb, or cookies and cream; cupcakes fit everyone’s tastes.

spring flower cupcake

Lemon and Blueberry Bread

This quick bread is delicious and bursting with spring flavor. Lemons and berries are a spring and summer staple and this bread makes it an ideal afternoon snack, tea-time ‘cake’, or breakfast treat. A quick bread implies that the prep time is fairly low compared to other complicated breads such as banana bread or even sourdough. Give it a try or call in to any of our locations and ask if we have a similar recipe available!

Berry Cream Tarts

Unlike winter with heavy spices and thick dough deserts, spring is about keeping it light. Puddings and refreshing cream in different flavors are often used. This recipe incorporates both of those elements with light berries, some mint leaves, soft powdered sugar, and easy to love custard. These treats are perfect for tea-time or enjoying with an ice cold lemonade. Make them yourself or ask at one of our locations to take some for your next gathering!

spring berry tart

Coconut Cake

Add in carrot cake to the mix for a southern tradition that pairs great with a mint julep. Coconut is an ideal mixer for cake recipes due to its relative neutrality and subdued sweetness. This is the kind of cake where you don’t need a birthday party to eat— every day can be a celebration!

Baking can be difficult and not everyone has the time, tools, or skill for beautifully piped flowers or cake baking. At Egypt Star Bakery we’re ready for any of your sweet tooth cravings this spring and summer! Call ahead and ask how we can help you impress your guests for your next event or how we can brighten up your meals!

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